Food Carts and Ocean Breezes
Monday, October 25, 2010
Sara Janssen in Family , Oregon

We were so excited to get back to's easily one of our favorite cities in the country. It's full of delicious food and delicious people. My sister, Laura, flew out from Minneapolis to spend 4 days with us and it was wonderful to see her.
Bella and Lucy ADORE her. She brings them presents and makes them laugh :)

We experienced our first Stumptown coffee.

And I have to say it was total bliss. I now understand all the hype. :)

We spent time with some of our favorite friends at the Saturday market and around town. Read more about our adventures here.
You can't stop in Portland without checking out Voo Doo Doughnut. Or so we were told :) This here is the vegan "Grape Ape". It was rather tasty.

This thrift store rocks. Wish we had more time to check out all the rest!

One of our favorite things in Portland...the food carts!! Oh the food carts. This one is called Ruby Dragon and they had vegan Thai food...and raw kale salad...and other such wonderful things. Don't you love those birdie flags? I know. Every one of the carts was so adorable. I wanted to live in them.Want to read more? Here are a couple of links to check out: Portland Magazine and Sunset
We headed to Cannon Beach and enjoyed a day without rain...exploring the ocean and also taking a little day trip down to Manzanita. We stopped at several little shops, but my favorite was Unfurl.
So many amazing textures, colors, clothes, shoes, scarves, yummy.

I hooped on the beach...and tried not to blow away.

Sweet family time.

Laura's friend Sarah came to visit as well. Sarah lived in Minneapolis, but recently moved to Oregon for her work. She's such a sweetheart and it was great to connect again.

It was hard to say goodbye! We loved our time in Portland and loved seeing Laura. What a blessing. Can't wait to go back again someday.

Photos from our time in Portland here.
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