Eco Womb Tour Launch
Thursday, November 18, 2010
Sara Janssen in Fellow RVers

When we completed the Live Lightly Tour, we sold our beloved RV to the Harrison Family...and when they were done traveling, they sold it to the Malson family. And look how the Malsons have breathed NEW LIFE into our old home sweet home! We're so excited to see them follow their dreams...

Clint & Angela (plus kiddos!) will be heading out on the "Eco Womb Tour"...and doing it all on veggie oil of course. Check out their sweet site and store. I am LOVING their "Love, Peace, and Veggie Grease" t-shirts! Enter their giveaway to win one!

Clint is the also the designer for this site (Happy Janssens) and was fabulous to work if you're looking for a web designer, he's your man! :)

Congratulations Eco Womb Tour!! Have an amazing journey...we hope to meet up with you down the road!

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