Floating With Zoik
Sunday, November 28, 2010
Sara Janssen in Colorado, Golden, Zoik, inflatable, kayak, kayaking, raft

We're going to take a ride in our time machine and go back to the warm, summer days we spent in Golden. We had been staying along the cold, bubbling Clear Creek for about a week when Todd from Zoik Inflatables contacted us to see if we wanted to give one of their kayaks a test run. We jumped at the chance!

Todd arrived and we watched him inflate the kayaks...which took no time at all. He and Matt walked up the trail to drop in, and they had a great first run. They came back and invited Bella to join them...and being the adventure-seeker that she is, she was thrilled!

I drove the truck and raced them down to the the bridge where they were getting out...waving at them as they floated by. :)

Hey! Look up here!

Zoik is a fabulous Colorado-based company...and we highly recommend their inflatables. Especially for those of you who are on the road, but still want to bring some "toys" with you. They even have a paddleboard that is so small and light, it fits in the overhead compartment in a plane! There is a ZOIK boat for everyone - kayakers, rafters, families, fisherman, and anyone looking for a little adventure.

If you've been looking for something like this...today is your lucky day :) Zoik has an AWESOME Cyber Monday sale happening...check it out:

Check out Zoik on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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