Back at Landa
Saturday, May 15, 2010
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We are planners. We like to know where we're going and when. Where we are parking for the night...what we're having for supper...where the nearest Starbucks is. You know, the important stuff. :) I know that seems kind of contrary to the traveling "gypsy" lifestyle, but that's just how we roll. We are working on not being so "planny" and should probably enroll ourselves in Technomadia's Serendipity Challenge. It does feel good to be a little footloose and fancy free...and we have actually been known to throw our plans out the window once or twice. This was one such occasion.

After we left Hill Shade, we headed to Austin...and we were going to stay at Lonestar through the weekend. But, our friends were back in New Braunfels and our hearts said..."GO BE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!". We're so glad we listened. :) We packed up, headed south, and pulled into Landa RV Park and surprised Damien and Michelle and Kevin and Angie. Weeeee!

We hooped.

We ate...a lot. Potluck. Out for Mexican. Pancake breakfast. Yum. Eating together is always WAY more fun.

We spent some time in the park meeting some online friends in person.

And we said goodbye "for now". We always know there will be a next time. That's why we love this life so much...see you down the road friends!

Photos from our time at New Braunfels here.
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