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“What did you guys do with your house and all of your stuff?”
Most recently, we were renting our we just sold all of our stuff and hit the road! We do have a few items/bins of keepsakes stored with family.

"Will you ever go back to a "sticks and bricks" home?"
We LOVE life in a small space and we LOVE life on the road. We would like to eventually have a yurt or strawbale house on a piece of land so that we could park the RV there and live out of both...traveling for 6 months and being settled for 6 months. (*note: we currently live in a house in Nederland, CO...with no plans to travel soon. Such are the seasons of life!)

“How do you make money while you're on the road?"
We make money several different ways. Matt is a very talented handyman and is available for home renovation, custom RV remodels, and veggie oil conversions on diesel vehicles. Sara is a photographer and graphic designer…and she does sessions in each city we are in. She specializes in relationship photography…families, couples, and children. In addition, Sara is available for nutritional coaching. She also works for her parents' business, and does administrative work for them via email and phone.

For more information...please contact us!

“How do you get your mail?”
When we were traveling, we used a forwarding service out of Texas called the Escapees Mail Service. We had a personalized mailing address and our mail was sent to an office that would sort it and send it out to us whenever and whenever we requested. If you would like to send us mail now, you can send it to:

The Happy Janssens
P.O. Box 1631
Nederland, CO 80466


“Isn’t it hard to find veggie oil while you’re traveling?”
Not really. It does take a little more planning and thinking ahead than just pulling into the nearest gas station, but we have never had any trouble finding it. Of course, it’s considerably easier if you are NOT traveling because you can form a relationship with a local restaurant and pick their grease up each week.

"How did you get your hair like that?"
It was really quite easy! I started my dreads 5 years ago and have created a photo journal of the progress here. I've also written a yearly post on my personal can see those entries here.

"Who designed your webite?"
The header was hand drawn by the lovely Arian Armstrong and the website design and layout was done by the masterful Clint Malson of Letterbox Studios. They were both amazing to work with and I recommend them highly!! If you have any custom art or website needs, don't hesitate to contact them.

"How do you get online while traveling?"
We use an air card from Verizon and a Cradlepoint router. The router allows us to "broadcast" our signal within the RV so that both of us can be online at the same time.

"How many miles can your RV go on a tank of veggie oil?"
We can carry 285 gallons of veggie and 100 gallons of diesel. So, at about 8mpg, we could go 2,280 miles. Plus another 800 on diesel. Basically, we can go FAR!