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We have many different services to offer you as we travel across the country.
Contact us
for more information regarding our route and pricing.

To answer all of your questions! We get lengthy emails every day with inquiries about the details of our life on the road. Unfortunately, we don't have time to answer everyone. We are in the process of writing our "Modern Nomadic Living" eCourse and we're so excited to get that information out there to you. In the meantime, a one-on-one session with us is your best bet!


Custom RV Remodels
We love remodeling small particular, RV's! If you have an RV that needs some TLC...let us help. We'll come to you. Click here for a gallery of our remodels. Contact us for an estimate.

Veggie Oil Conversions
Matt is a trained installer for Green Eye Auto. If you have a diesel car, truck, or RV that you would like to convert to run on straight veggie Matt today to get on his schedule!

RV Finder Service
Let Matt help you find the perfect RV for you and your family! He has a "knack" for finding great deals and is extremely knowledgeable about engine types, chassis, etc.

Worship Leader
Matt is an experienced worship leader who can help with your next retreat, camp staff training, or Sunday morning service.



Book Sara now for a photo session in your city! She specializes in on location, natural light photography...families, babies, seniors, engagements, pets, you name it! Check out her website for more information.

Nutrtional Coaching
Are you serious about making REAL changes in your life? Have you been interested in the vegan / vegetarian / raw lifestyle for awhile, but have been too nervous or overwhelmed to try it? Do you find yourself wishing you had a friend who was also trying to eat healthy so you could have support?

Sara can help you transform into a healthier, and happier person! She will walk you through the challenges and joys of this new way of living and offer guidance, advice, and excitement so that you can make a lasting change. A knowledgeable teacher is the number one gift you can give yourself as you start this journey!

See rates here and check out some yummy recipes while you're there!

Do you long for dreadlocks, but can't find anyone to "put them in" for you? Book Sara and she will do them for you!