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Eco Womb Tour Launch

When we completed the Live Lightly Tour, we sold our beloved RV to the Harrison Family...and when they were done traveling, they sold it to the Malson family. And look how the Malsons have breathed NEW LIFE into our old home sweet home! We're so excited to see them follow their dreams...

Clint & Angela (plus kiddos!) will be heading out on the "Eco Womb Tour"...and doing it all on veggie oil of course. Check out their sweet site and store. I am LOVING their "Love, Peace, and Veggie Grease" t-shirts! Enter their giveaway to win one!

Clint is the also the designer for this site (Happy Janssens) and was fabulous to work if you're looking for a web designer, he's your man! :)

Congratulations Eco Womb Tour!! Have an amazing journey...we hope to meet up with you down the road!


At Home In Morro Bay

We are thoroughly enjoying our time here in Morro Bay, CA. The locals are lovely, we are at a great (cheap!) campground, and the weather is amazing. I'm sitting outside in the hot hot sun as I type this...the forecast says 84 degrees today.

The vibe here is very laid back...lots of old hippies who never left, health conscious folk, artists, and dreamers. Morro Bay draws a fair share of tourists as well, so things are always hoppin' on the weekend. We love that Morro Bay is quite small (think 4 way stops downtown instead of stoplights)...but we've enjoyed the proximity to San Luis Obispo for when we want to go to Trader Joe's or Costco. We've also found a fabulous church there as well. Bella wants to move here because she loves the children's ministry so much!

Here are some photos from our stay:

Morro Rock

The moon over Morro Bay

Ocean front conversation spot

Our View

Skipping down the lane...

The view from my "office"



Soul Sisters & Feather Earrings

After leaving Portland, we headed to the YWAM base in Salem to spend time with Monica and her kiddos. Our time there was amazing. Slow. Blessed. Beautiful.

Monica is a soul sister...and I cherish every moment. Whenever we are together, I want to kidnap her and take her with me on the road! We've been saying goodbye long enough to where I don't get too sappy about it...but this one was hard.

Bella spent every waking moment with Annabella...running to and fro around the camp. They also spent time sewing and Bella was so thrilled. We are now spending a lot of time learning about fashion design :)

We enjoyed exploring the lush, green forest.

Love this family...someday we'll be back :)

A few more photos here.