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Back in Bozeman

Traveling the open road...

We've arrived!

Best friends reunited

Breathing in the bliss

Spending lots of time hooping and biking


Spending time with family

Visting with old friends

Enjoying time with new friends!

Our time in Bozeman has been wonderful so far. A much needed resting time before we head West.


Golden Days

Recently at Walk Slowly, Live Wildly, I wrote about my desire to "blog without expectation". I want to stop blogging in the "right things" in the "right order" and just blog about LIFE. Life on the road is inspiring and amazing and I want to share that with you. But my perfectionism gets in the way and I start to think I can't blog this if I haven't blogged that, etc. I have blogs and photos I still haven't shared yet from Texas and the Midwest, but I have to let it go. I will eventually get to those...but right now I need to start living in the moment :-)

I also wrote about my new obsession with iPhone photography and how it's beginning to take over as my main source of capturing life. I have my iPhone with me all the time, so it's much easier to catch the little details that make up our nomadic experience. So without further ado, I bring you...Golden.

The "Welcome to Golden" sign has been there since 1949 and it brings a smile to my face every time I see it! It's SO bright and yummy.

This photo was taken from our balcony at the Table Mountain Inn. We came down with my parents and spent the night at this lovely establishment before we decided to move the RV down (thanks Groupon, you're awesome). We fell in love with Golden from this's small town feel and it's friendly people put it right up there as one of our favorite towns in the U.S. It feels very similar to Bozeman...and we adore Bozeman!

Our campground, Clear Creek RV Park, is right downtown...WHICH WE LOVE. It's so rare to find a campground that is so bikeable/walkable/loveable. It's less than a block from a large park and playground, the community center (with indoor waterpark), and the libary. With Matt taking the car to Boulder every day, we love being able to have all of those resources so close! (...a note to fellow travelers: to camp here, you need to call the morning you want to arrive at 7am to get on their "list". They will call you around 10:30am to let you know if you can get in. There is a two weeks in, one day out rule as well).

There are lovely trails connecting one balmy night we decided to ride the bikes to Starbucks for a quiet family night. We came around the last corner and saw the above scene. Wow! Buffalo Bill Days were in full swing and we had totally forgotten. Five blocks of downtown were blocked off for the festivities...and they continued all weekend long.

We had fun at the parade...and especially loved the bike club. So festive.

Table Mountain Inn has a nice patio, a fabulous happy hour, rockin' margaritas, and a beautiful view.


One of our favorite things in Golden is Clear Creek. This beautiful, fast-moving river runs through the heart of town, and passes right in front of our RV. It's so close that we could throw a rock to it from the RV...although we might hit one of the hundreds of tubers/kayakers that enjoy it daily. We can also watch paragliders sailing right above us...jumping off the foothills surrounding the park. Yes, it's amazing.

Mom and Dad have come out to visit twice in one month...and we've loved having them around! My brother Dan also flies in from Minneapolis quite a bit to check on his projects. He is so great with the girls...they love seeing him (and we do too!).

I'll definitely be posting more "snapshots" of our time in Golden...we're going on our 3rd week here and will probably stay for another 2 or 3. Lots to share!


Come See Us In Colorado!

We are planning a Happy Janssens "gathering" this Thursday evening (July 15) from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. near Longmont, Colorado. There will be good food, hooping, a roaring campfire and great conversation! Come check out the RV, bring your favorite eats, and chat for a bit!

Contact us for more information on the exact location. Hope to see you soon!

*The above photo was taken from our campsite tonight...the sunsets have been amazing!

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