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Modern Nomadic Living eCourse 

We've been on the road for 3 years now and we have a lot of knowledge to share. On our blogs, we normally share the exciting adventures we have, but not always the logistics of life on the road. Questions like...

"How can I make enough money to live on the road full time?"
"How do you find the best campgrounds?"
"Is a Class A Motorhome better than a Fifth Wheel?"
"Are you required to put kids in carseats while you drive?"

...and more!

We are currently writing our first eCourse, "Modern Nomadic Living"...and we are super excited to make this available to you! We don't have a launch date yet, but we wanted to let you know that it's coming.

And, we would love to hear your most pressing questions about life on the road so that we can make sure to address it in the course.

Stay tuned for more details soon! In the meantime, we are offering one-on-one coaching sessions for those of you who need answers NOW :) These sessions will help to inspire you and get you on the road as fast as possible. Contact us for rates and scheduling info.


Boulder Awaits

As I type this, we are en route to Boulder, Colorado. We will be spending the next 6 weeks or so in that area, working with my brother's real estate development company. We've had a lovely time in Iowa and Minnesota over the last month, and I promise someday, I will blog about that. After I catch up with Texas...

On our way to Boulder, we'll be stopping to see several friends that are dear to our hearts. John Henry, Denise and crew in Omaha...Denise is cookin' us some amazing eats and we're excited to see where she is now teaching yoga. John Henry is the mastermind designer behind our Live Lightly Tour site, and his company What Cheer! just expanded to new offices! So much to catch up on. In Lincoln, we'll see Kristin, Paul, and Ryan...and their one week old new baby Tyler! We will hopefully with a few other friends from when we lived there in 2002-2004.

Seeing old friends is definitely one of the best perks about having a home on wheels. My parents are also meeting us in Lincoln for a few nights. Oh, and I can't forget that it's our TEN YEAR anniversary on June 17...we'll have to ask Mom and Dad watch the girls so we can go on a real date!

We're really looking forward to our stay in Colorado...for as many of you know, Boulder is city unlike any other. Sometimes referred to as "The People's Republic of Boulder", it's a place that people tend to have strong opinions about. Our opinion? We love it!

  • The people are quirky (and I mean that in the nicest way). 
  • Pearl St. Mall....good people watching and eats. The photo of the fire poi above is one of my favorite Boulder memories from our 2005 visit. There are always wonderful sidewalk performers on the weekends!
  • Lots of dreadlocks
  • Great farmer's market
  • Public transportation and bike paths
  • Beautiful mountains
  • Thai food -- a whole bunch of it
  • Boulder Circus Center...need I say more?! They have hooping classes.
  • Yoga studios on every corner (and I bought a Groupon for a free month!)
  • 300+ days of sunshine a year!

But most of all...we're looking forward to some quality time with some of our bestest friends, Kris and Natalie and their 3 kiddos. Our friendship goes back to our college days, where Matt and Kris were roommates...and we've experienced A LOT of life with them since then. Whenever we are together, it's like no time has gone by at all...and we cannot wait to bask in that familiarity and love. 

I am now booking photography clients in the Denver/Boulder area as me for current rates and available dates! Hey...that rhymes.

After Boulder, the plan is to head north to Bozeman for a few weeks before we hit the West coast for more redwoods, beaches, and Hoop Camp! New adventures every day...



Technology = Good

We have an iPhone and we ADORE it. We use it for so many things on the road. Most of the features we use every day are built-in functions of the email, internet, GPS, etc. Those 3 items have saved us time and energy beyond measure.

We ALWAYS recommend that any full-time traveler have some sort of smart phone...the uses on the road are endless. We also use an air card for mobile internet, but the iPhone is a nice compliment to that.

Here are some of our favorite apps:

We use this one ALL the time. If we're pulling into a town and want to know where the best Thai food is, Yelp is the first place I check. Best coffee? Best bubble tea? Best mechanic? Yelp has ya covered.

Local Eats
Similar to Yelp, but this one lists restaurants by "Best" in each category as well as the overall top 100. I check this one, and then check the restaurant on Yelp as well. It does only work in the large metropolitan areas. Not in small northern Minnesota villages. I tried.

State Lines
This fabulous app is a must-have for anyone who travels. Our friends, Chris and Cherie (Technomadia) are the masterminds who created it, so give 'em some love and buy it! It's basically a database of all kinds of useful information that changes when you cross state lines. Everything from taxes to speed limits to seatbelt/helmet laws and much more. Love it.

We.Love.Groupon. Oh my goodness. We've gotten so many great deals by using this awesome coupon site/program. If you're not on it...sign up right now to start receiving deals in your area.

Words With Friends
This is our favorite "game app" right now. We love playing against our friends and family in this Scrabble-like game. Caution: It's addicting.

Everyone's favorite pastime...but on the iPhone :) It allows us to keep in touch even when we've left our computers back at the RV.

This is my favorite Twitter app (and I've tried several). Let's me keep track of my favorite people from around the world.

I'm a total Flickr geek, and this feeds my addiction.

This app locates the nearest Starbucks and tells you if it has wi-fi, drive-through, etc. I like to go to Starbucks to work, so this is quite helpful.

If you have a Paypal account, you can track your balances and payments from your phone. Handy.

A fun vintage camera app. Love it. Even though I have my "fancy" camera, I use the iPhone a lot when I don't want to drag the heavy one around. There are a lot of camera apps now that make it even more fun.

This Craigslist app is helpful when we need to buy something as we pass through a city. Matt uses it a lot for RV research.

Not an app (it's built-in)...but worth mentioning. I use YouTube a lot to stream hooping videos because I can't stream them on the air card (uses up too much of our allotted upload/download time).

What are some of your favorite apps? Travel related or not...


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