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The Ideal Setup

Bella recently informed us that THIS was the ideal RV setup. The bed, the girl, and the dog. I don't see much room for Mommy, Daddy, and a little sister. :) Maybe we sleep in the doggie crate. Hmmmmm...


RV Eye Candy

Our dear friends, the Thiede family, are "officially" on the road as of last week and we are just thrilled for them! If you're new to our blog, click here for more of their story. They are all settled into their RV park in California, right across the street from the Starbucks *jealous*. I wanted to post a photo of their amazing living room...because I could look at this rug all day. I just want to roll around on it (I'll be there soon Alicia to do just that!).

And because I know you'll ask...the rug is from Dash & Albert. The same company we got our rug from. These rugs wear so well! Love love love.

Congratulations friends!! A life of adventure awaits you...

*Photo credit: Alicia Thiede


Nomads Represent!

A few nomadic license plates at the NuRVers Gahtering in April...This plate belongs to Kevin and Angie, founders of NuRVers.

And this one belongs to Chris and Cherie of Technomadia.

Nomads represent! :)

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