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Happy Hooping

Last weekend, we headed to Austin with several of our friends for a hooping meetup...affectionately known as "Hoop Church", as it's held on Sunday. The girls hooped and hooped and hooped. We learned new tricks and we left with new bruises. It was a gorgeous day. The boys sat around and drank iced coffees and lavender lemonades. They had a good time chatting about life on the road and cheering us on.

(L to R: Bella, Michelle, Tracy, Me)

I just blogged about my hooping obsession over at Walk Slowly. Can't wait to hoop all summer in the sunshine! And then, when there isn't any more sun and warmth to hoop in, we'll drive to where there IS sun and warmth! Ahhhhh....the traveling life. Gotta love it.

Hoop Love photo set here. More to come!


NüRVer Kids

At last year's NüRVers rally, there were NO kids in attendance. This year, there were EIGHT! Add Michael and Christine's five kids, and we had a grand total of 13 kiddos at the rally. They brought a beautiful energy and excitement to each day for us...there was always something going on.

We could have held an unschooling rally as well, within the NüRVers rally! Every last family was an unschooling family...with many of the parents being passionate and gifted communicators on the subject. We had some excellent discussions and were inspired daily!

Looking out our kitchen window at any given moment during the day provided a view of the community trampoline...filled with little balls of energy bouncing up and down. The kids LOVED that trampoline. It became their common meeting area, napping place, and dance hall all in one.

Legos and HeroScape were also a big part of their day...along with "sword fighting" with the foam and piping swords that they created.

We were very lucky to have several artists in our midst during the rally who donated their time and energy to help the kids have a great experience. Michelle, a jewelry designer for 10 years, taught a kids' jewelry class and the girls LOVED it. They all made earrings and bracelets were thrilled with their creations.

Chris, who is an amazing classically trained sculptor, taught the kids how to sculpt dragons with wire and a special clay. They were mesmerized...this class was definitely a hit! Tara wrote a beautiful blog post about Zeb's experience and how Chris has impacted his life. Be sure to read it!

And most importantly...the kids were kids. They played and played and played. They created. They ran. They jumped. They sang. They danced. They disagreed. They laughed. They were magical. They have created friendships that will last a will be so fun to see them grow as we come back together year after year.


NuRVers Gathering 2010: Day 5?

The NuRVers rally just keeps going and going! It was officially over this morning, but there were so many people who we just decided to have some more fun. Here are a few scenes from the day...

Community coffee pot ... this photo proves that I was up early today!

Just a few of the beautiful ladies here at the rally. Today we said goodbye to The Parsley Family, Jennifer, Ben and Karen, Brice and Rose, and the Russo Family. It seems so weird without them here!

We decided that pooling our dwindling food supply was a much better idea than sitting alone in our respective homes and eating. We attempted a "casual bring your left overs potluck"...but it turned out to be just as amazing as previous nights. But a little smaller in scale.

We heart potlucks. Yum.

Instead of happy hour, we had hooping hour! We've been hooping like crazy today and learning all kinds of new stuff. I broke out my HoopDance DVD and we've been attempting new tricks together. I think I'm addicted!

Tonight, Technomadia hosted a showing of "Beyond Black Rock", a documentary about Burning Man. They showed it out the back of their adorable camper...just like an outdoor movie theater!

And this is what is going on outside our window right now! It was a wonderful day...I still have a smile on my face. Tomorrow we say goodbye to many more folks...but we never say goodbye for long. We'll see them down the road somewhere soon!

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